Brass Epoxy Capsule Letter Necklace


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Treatment Process: Electroplating

Color: necklace A, necklace B, necklace C, necklace D, necklace E, necklace F, necklace G, necklace H, necklace I, necklace J, necklace K, necklace L, necklace M, necklace N, necklace O, necklace P, necklace Q, necklace R, necklace S, necklace T, necklace U, necklace V, necklace W, necklace X, necklace Y, necklace Z

Material: Copper

Modeling: letters/numbers/text

Popular elements: English letters

Size: about 12 * 24mm, chain length 45cm

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Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 20 cm

Necklace A, Necklace B, Necklace C, Necklace D, Necklace E, Necklace F, Necklace G, Necklace H, Necklace I, Necklace J, Necklace K, Necklace L, Necklace M, Necklace N, Necklace O, Necklace P, Necklace Q, Necklace R, Necklace S, Necklace T, Necklace U, Necklace V, Necklace W, Necklace X, Necklace Y, Necklace Z


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